Do you value my privacy and are you discreet about the information shared between us?

You can guarantee everything that remains between the two of us will stay entirely confidential. I handle all screening information with the utmost care and use encrypted mail boxes so everything stays private.

I do not show my face and sadly I am unable to send face photos due to having a thriving and successful career outside of this line of work. Discretion and anonymity is incredibly important to me and I should hope that you value my privacy as I shall value yours.



What are you like?

As I mentioned earlier, I am simply a terrible actress so you will find the authentic and genuine me.  I am perhaps a little quirky with a distinctly mischievous side to my personality, however, my upbeat sense of humour combines with a traditional upbringing really do set me aside, nonetheless, I am able to get along easily with almost anyone in almost any situation. 



Favourite drink?

Champagne is always a winner, particularly Ruinart which I managed to develop quite a taste for during my time living in Paris… however I do also thoroughly enjoy whiskey based cocktails and you may find me drinking a strong old fashioned as though it is going out of fashion..


Ideal date?

I am indifferent about my idea of the perfect date, however it would almost certainly include a good chat over a drink or two before we embark on anything more indulgent..

My varied upbringing has led me to feel confident in many situations and I would be more than happy accompanying you to a formal dinner or perhaps we could go to a late opening gallery before spend the evening in bed with room service? Equally, I am more than happy to dance on tables and party as though it is new years eve. 

Do you see couples?

Yes, absolutely! threesomes and group are most certainly passions of mine...  

What do you enjoy?

Many things. I generally prefer long, relaxing GFE dates and no not like to provide a list of services as such. Please do get I touch with an idea of what you may like to try and I shall be sure to get back to you..

* Please note I do not provide unprotected sex, anal sex or anything that I deem to be unsafe.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I do not have any tattoos, however I do have a very small and discrete septum piercing. I also have both of my ears pierced. I also do not smoke cigarettes


Can you host our meeting?

For an incall , I require a minimum of 3 hours for our meeting and a deposit paid upfront. If you have a preferred location, do let me know and I can sort something convenient out for both of us. I usually book an upmarket hotel or a discreet private apartment.

Can I buy you a gift?

Of course! gifts are not expected but much appreciated. Some of my favourite items are Diptique candles, Hermes Un Jardin sur le nil Perfume, Agent provocateur or Coco de mer gift cards.